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SKG Cement


Leading the Way:

SKG Cement’s success rests on the shoulders of a passionate team, guided by a shared vision for excellence and sustainability. At the helm stand two key individuals, each bringing unique strengths and perspectives to the table:

Sanjay Kumar Ganeriwala:

  • A seasoned veteran in the cement industry, Sanjay plays a crucial role in charting the company’s course. His deep understanding of the market and unwavering commitment to innovation fuel SKG’s forward momentum.

Pranay Ganeriwala:

  • A dynamic force with a sharp eye for optimization, Pranay brings a fresh perspective to operations. His strategic insights and dedication to efficiency keep SKG running smoothly and exceeding expectations.

Together, they forge a formidable leadership duo, propelling SKG towards new horizons.

Connecting with Us:

  • Email: Reach out directly at
  • Headquarters: SKG Cement, Nazar Ali Ln, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Beyond the Leaders:

SKG’s success story extends beyond its directors. A dedicated team of professionals, united by a commitment to quality and sustainability, forms the backbone of the company. This collaborative spirit drives:

  • Strategic Planning: Aligning with market trends and customer needs, SKG constantly evolves, staying ahead of the curve.
  • Operational Excellence: From manufacturing to distribution, every aspect of SKG’s operations is optimized for efficiency and quality.
  • Innovation and Research: A culture of continuous improvement fuels SKG’s dedication to developing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.
  • Customer Focus: Building strong relationships and exceeding expectations are core values at SKG, ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.
  • Ethical Standards: Integrity and transparency are pillars of SKG’s operations, ensuring compliance with all regulations and upholding the highest ethical standards.

Building a Brighter Future:

At SKG, delivering top-quality cement solutions goes hand-in-hand with contributing to a sustainable future. The leadership team and the entire staff are committed to responsible practices and environmental stewardship, ensuring SKG’s growth benefits both the company and the community.